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1 Quad Pod, normal cow-calf pod, and more in the distance…

1 Quad Pod, normal cow-calf pod, and more in the distance…

On the 9am trip we ran a bit east towards Monticeto and found a gray whale Quad Pod (2 moms and their calves, four whales) in a tight group.  After a bit one pair headed for deeper waters and left the other pair to continue rollicking and frolicking in the giant kelp.  A little further outside we encountered a nice pod of 400 or so common dolphins, and yet another cow-calf gray whale pair.  Additional gray whale spouts were seen both offshore and inside between the kelp and the beach sand.  This was a tremendous adventure.

The noon trip was a private charter and they, too, had a great trip on the water.  Things got started out by finding a cow-calf pair near the lighthouse…great looks….great behaviors too.   Nearly 200 common dolphins were also viewed on this trip.  After a while we ran east and found 20 coastal bottle nose dolphins down near the Biltmore Hotel.  What a wondrous sight:  dolphins hunting down a school of sardines in the kelp beds with clear blue underwater visibility.   Wow.

Tomorrow we run at 12 noon only.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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