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12 Gray Whales and Dolphins Too

2015 04-18 SB Coast

Captain Dave ran 3 trips on the Condor Express today with epic sea conditions, bright sun and, by coincidence, each trip watched a new quad pod (2 mother-calf pairs traveling together). Dolphins, too, were in abundance. The flood gates for the final gray whale migratory phase, the phase with moms and calves, have opened.

9am. Four gray whales consisting of 2 mothers with their calves, stayed on the surface and there was a bit of spy-hopping by the calves. One Minke whale was also observed as was some 50 or so long-beaked common dolphins. The #dolphins were seen feeding on very small anchovies in clear water right next to the boat.

12 noon. Four new grays, 2 moms and their calves, were located. This time the calves put on quite a show. There was considerable rolling, “head stands” with tail flukes in the air, spy-hops and, here and there, some bubble blasts too.   Additionally, a herd of long-beaked common dolphins numbering near 100, spent time with the boat.

3pm. A third pod of 2 mom and 2 calves came through the kelp corridor with good looks for everybody. About 15 coastal bottlenose dolphins hung out around the boat and then interacted with the whales. This was an awesome sight.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

Spots still open on the all day pelagic bird trip May 17. We often see mammals and fish as well as pelagic birds.   Hope to see you on board.

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