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19 humpbacks including our pal Scarlet

2019 06-20 SB Channel

We had overcast skies all day again with very glassy seas. No waves, no chop, no swell, just a big mirror. Again the sightings were fabulous, and included 19 closely watched humpback whales, and nearly 5000 long-beaked common dolphins. The whales today, as it has been all this week, were found mostly along hotspots where northern anchovies had formed big bait balls. These were feeding spots used by dolphins, sea birds, sea lions and ultimately the whales. We found hotspots from about 5 miles offshore and out into the mid-Channel shipping lanes. Whales were found both alone and in groups. A couple of areas had five whales together, most had a pair. One pair included two large adults one of which took off and breached twice. Another pair was a mother with her calf, always fun to see. And yet another pair included two adult whales, one of which was our pal Scarlet. We stayed with Scarlet and her buddy for quite a while and got wonderful looks. More than focusing on any one animal or behavior, the last few days have been more about the spectacle, the panorama, the widespread abundance. It was both awesome and humbling. You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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