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2 humpback whales – both mug the boat !

Captain Dave had his “A game” on today as it was obvious the humpback whales were very attracted to the Condor Express. There were two humpback whale sighted and both of them made friendly approaches to the boat and stayed around for quite a while going eyeball to eyeball with the humans. The first whale to mug the boat was the same individual that gave us such a wonderful show yesterday. Dave says today’s performance was even better, if you can believe anything could top that show. There were a lot of spyhops right next to the boat as well as rolling around, passing under the hull, exposing its giant tail flukes and the best of humpback behaviors.

Also noted: about 1,000 common dolphins and a one-time-only, spout-and-go Minke whale. A great look inside the famous Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island put the cherry on top of the cake.

Hope to see you all out there tomorrow while the whales are frisky. Bob Perry Condor Express

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