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2 trips = 10 gray whales and more

2 trips = 10 gray whales and more

Captain Eric reports great gray whale sightings today and more activity all around the neighborhood.   By “neighborhood” I mean from Stern’s Wharf and Santa Barbara Harbor west towards Goleta Pier.  At 9am there were 4 very nice and friendly gray whales the were swimming along at a moderate speed with good surface time.  In addition to these friendly gray whales we watched approximately 250 common dolphins and there were multiple humpback whale spouts just offshore, but the gray whale watching was really good so we never bent the course outside on today.  On the 12 noon adventure there were 6 gray whales.  Two of them played in the kelp.  Most of these whales were far more speedy than the mellow morning whales.  Speeds were consistently 5 knots, and with a little swell beginning to show from the west, the gray whales were semi-porpoising over the waves, meaning they got their head and forward 1/3rd of their body up in the air as they passed over each swell.  It was very different and amazing to watch.  On this noon trip we also played with 23 inshore bottlenose dolphins.  These large dolphins rode the bow wave and hung around the boat for nearly an hour.  It was a very special and magical encounter.

By the end of the noon trip the wind and seas had started to heap up a bit and Captain Eric made the call to put down the  3pm trip today.

Tomorrow only a 12noon public open whale watch trip is scheduled.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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