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200 offshore bottlenose dolphins and 5 gray whales

2021 03-21 SB COAST

Winds were blowing lightly offshore this morning, but turned around during the day to end up moderate and westerly. Seas were light. Two trips were conducted: one departed at 9am, the second at noon. Sightings included: 7 gray whales and 200 offshore bottlenose dolphins.

Five whales were watched on the morning trip and the first was a shy individual located just off Mesa Lane. After moving to UCSB and looping offshore 3 miles, a pair of whales was found. These were cooperative and boat-friendly so we stayed with them for quite a while. On the way back to home, another pair was spotted just 2 miles out from the harbor.

On the noon trip our two gray whales were a pair found in very clear water near Campus Point. This was a great encounter as one could distinctly follow each whale under the water and topside. It was a magical encounter. On the way home, about 5 miles offs Hendry’s Beach, a large herd of offshore bottlenose dolphins became the “closing act” for our day. It was a group with lots of calves and lots of aerial action to watch from the adults.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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