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5 Orcas and 4 humpbacks

Image: Two of the five Orcas seen today. Photo by 2nd Captain Kelly

2023 12-02 SB Channel

There were mostly blue skies and nearly zero winds all day. A light bump from winds to the far northwest rolled through the area. We closely watched 10 California sea lions, 4 humpback whales and……5 Biggs killer whales.

Captain Dave headed to the far western Channel and did not find any wildlife until the Condor Express was southwest of Platform Holly. Here we located and watched our first 2 humpbacks, an adult with a younger/smaller partner. The pair made a few nice passes close to the boat and made everyone happy.

Meanwhile, Capt. Dave and 2nd Capt. Kelly were picked up some activity, and a couple of spyhops using binoculars, about ¾ mile further west, perhaps some dolphins? On the scene, however, it turned out to be 5 of the largest dolphin species: Orcinus orca, aka, killer whales. There were 3 females and 2 calves, and the area was flooded with active seabirds which suggested there may have been a recent feed. The group was moving west and made a few passes alongside and under the Condor.

Just ¼ mile from the Orcas, we watched another pair of humpback whales. They seemed to be in transit mode. Simultaneously, a small group of sealions zoomed past the whales and the Condor at a high speed.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store,

Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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