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50+ Risso’s in Crystal Blue Water Steal Show

50+ Risso’s in Crystal Blue Water Steal Show

Yes, Captain Dave and his team put the Condor Express into position for 2 nice, large, adult humpback whales today.  These #whales had long-ish down times and tended to swim a mile while submerged on each cycle.  Nevertheless, Dave knows a trick or two and great looks were had by all.   The mid-Santa Barbara Channel waters were completely roiled up by numerous large pods of long beaked common dolphins.  The crew estimated at least 2,000 #dolphins watched closely today.  Another nice day with calm seas and warm, sunny conditions led the Condor Express to a tour of the eastern end of Santa Cruz Island.  But it was on the way home from the Island that the most surprising and visually pleasing cetacean sightings took place.   There was a condensed pod of at least 50 Risso’s dolphins, probably more, that got friendly with the boat.  These large white dolphins played around and under us and that spectacular clear blue water made the sighting absolutely amazing.  The 50+ Risso’s stole the show today.  Wow!

Schedule notes:   remember we do not run open public trips on Mondays and Tuesdays for a while now.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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