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6 Southbound Gray Whales and 250 Common Dolphins too

One of six large gray whales watched in the middle of the Santa Barbara Channel today

6 Southbound Gray Whales and 250 Common Dolphins too

As you will see in the photographs when I post them up later this week, the sea conditions today started out moderate and then got VERY moderate. Nonetheless, the overcast skies and windy seas did not obscure the visual powers of our deckhand, Augie.   How anyone can spot 6 gray whale spouts amidst whitecaps at a distance of several miles is a mystery to me.  I know he drinks some kind of special tea.   We found all the whales moving at the advertised rate of 3 to 5 miles per hour, and all of the #whales were watched mid-Channel.  It was fantastic seeing these monsters plow downhill as the wind and waves came from behind them.   I think I can understand a little bit about how a huge body size is a great adaptation to stormy surface conditions (among many other things).  Throughout the day we had dispersed groups of long-beaked common #dolphins visiting us, riding our bow, and riding the “bow” of the gray whales too.   I love the silver sky, silver water and all things silver about days like this.

We’re running all week and hope you can join the fun. You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry Condor Express

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