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A day to die for

Scorecard 15 gray whales+ 100 Rissos 250 common dolphins 500+ sea lions 1 bald eagle

First let me say that I’ve been tying to shoot a bod eagle when perched on the crucifix planted on Fraser Point for years. Well today was the day. I had even bought a new lens attachment just hoping. Breathtaking and symbolic: the cross on Holy Cross Island! We had 2 grays right outside the harbor on this “king tide” day. Two nice friendly pods of common dolphins were in the sme area. But he real how was out near the West Point and Fraser where sea lins interacted with Rissos interacted with gray whales. As we have it sensed in past years, the gray whales get all funky when they are pestered by Rissos, and it is always a big show. You can see the pictures from this day to die for tomorrow at:

cheers Bob Perry

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