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A great time for whales near the coast

2017 03-19 SB Coast

Captain Eric and his world-famous crew encountered 10 gray whales and over 400 long-beaked common dolphins during their two excursions along the beautiful Santa Barbara coastline.  This is a great time for whales near the coast.

The noon excursion began quickly (as did the late afternoon trip) with whale sightings right outside the harbor.  There was a relatively shy gray whale northbound just south of the outer buoy, and almost immediately a second whale, a juvenile, popped up and was friendly.  About a mile off Shoreline Park a herd of at least 250 dolphins located the Condor Express and some great, close-up interactions were observed.  On the way back to the harbor a quad-pod of gray whales were discovered.  These were engaged in “socializing,” as characterized by rolling around, fins in the air, and other camera-worthy behaviors.

The 3 pm excursion immediately located two adult gray whales just off the Yacht Club and followed them up the line towards Hope Ranch where an additional two whales joined the first pair.  The foursome was slow-moving and spent a lot of time up on the surface for excellent viewing.  Captain Eric then took a turn south and ran out to the 50-fathom curve which is often productive this time of year.  A group of approximately 150 dolphins came to the Condor.  The mammals on board AND in the water had fun looking at each other.

Did I mention this is a great time for whales near the coast?

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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