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A Mako Shark Sighting enhances a Great Whale Watch Day

A Mako Shark Sighting enhances a Great Whale Watch Day

You know the Condor Express, we’ll stop and look at any interesting wildlife when we’re out there.  Captain Dave paused the whale and dolphin watching for a short while today as everyone on board got some great looks at a 6 or 7 foot Mako Shark in clear blue water.  The shark stayed up on the surface and actually swam around the boat as if it was trained.   Then it was a trip out to the feeding grounds at Santa Rosa Island for a great encounter with 2 giant blue whales.  These are the tallest spouts in the world (my opinion) and it is always amazing how long it takes to see the WHOLE body of these beasts as they swim by.  First the rostrum and blowholes are up, next a l-o-n-g back goes by until you see the little dorsal fin, but wait, there’s more going by until finally the tail flukes are seen.  Then the enormity of these wonderful animals begins to sink in.  Approximately 1,000 common #dolphins joined the whale watch, rode the bow and surfed the wake behind the boat as they frequently do.  Heading home to Santa Barbara we spotted 2 humpbacks, a mother and calf.  Upon close inspection it turned out to be one of our favorite humpback pairs this season: scarlet (mother with a propeller scar and globular masses) and her calf shorty (no dorsal fin, seems a bit short).  There was a marine layer overhead and very calm seas all around.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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