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Among 7 humpbacks we found our old pal Scarlet.

Image: Our friend, Scarlet, the humpback whale.

2023 04-20 SB Coast

Skies we sunny and there was no wind, although a little bump was left from winds overnight. Sightings included: 7 humpback whales and 80 offshore bottlenose dolphins. 9a and 12n trips left the dock today.

In the morning we were off Ellwood about 4 miles when a large herd of offshore bottlenose dolphins located the Condor Express. There were a large number of calves in this pod, and all were very active. We saw lots of aerial acrobatics. After this wonderful dolphin encounter there was a single humpback and another pair in the area. All had about 5-minute down times and many great tail looks were had.

Noon found us searching the coastal waters when a large breach was noted about 4 miles south. Upon arriving on the scene, we found a single large adult humpback that breached 9 or 10 times. This was followed by lots of vigorous tail-throwing, and finally a sudden stop to the surface activities. The whale went into a 12 minute down time cycle. Soon thereafter, about 6 miles off Leadbetter, we found a pair of humpbacks and then another single. The pair had long surface times and we chose to watch them closely. We immediately began to receive a series of muggings and close approaches. It was evident that we recognized one of the pair as Scarlet, an old friend and a very friendly humpback. (see photo of Scarlet above).

You never know what mother nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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