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Big humpback goes on wild tail-throwing binge.

2021 04-14 SB CHANNEL

It was sunny all day with a fresh breeze to clear your head and make you realize you’re at sea. Captain Dave and his crew ran a single trip which departed at 12 noon. Sightings: 2 humpback whales and 75 California sea lions.

The wind had the ocean surface a bit choppy, but the breeze had the added benefit of making humpback whale spouts carry far and wide. About 3 miles out from the harbor, we closely watched a pair of adult humpback whales. There was so much going on we spent a long time observing their behavior. Numerous anchovy bait balls were seen near the surface and both the sea lions and seabirds were actively feeding. And so were the humpback whales. The cycle today went like this: dive for 5 – 8 minutes for feeding sub-surface (although we did see one nice surface lunge episode), then surface for air and the larger of the two whales spent considerable inter-dive time throwing its massive tail around and causing a big ruckus with lots and lots of spray being sent into the breeze. This pattern repeated itself for the duration of the sighting. What a show!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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