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Blue Whales and Humpbacks (and Dolphins)

2015 08-12 SB Channel

We spent the morning cruising across the Santa Barbara Channel where we found 200 or so long-beaked common dolphins in small pods cruising west into the on-coming winds and whitecaps. It was bright and sunny with not much swell. After a thorough search of the areas where we have seen humpback whales over the past few days, we came up empty and Captain Dave decided to point it into the wind and run west.

Just after noon Dave spotted a very tall spout, barely visible 2 or 3 miles ahead of us. We were between Santa Cruz Island and the lanes. When we got on the scene the tall spouts turned out to belong to two giant blue whales. Actually one was medium large and the other was a tad smaller. It was fantastic to see these beasts side by side creating their characteristic “blue streak” under the water. The two stayed on the surface together for one nice long breathing interval, then the big one headed east and the other stayed behind, only to have us catch it again later in this sighting frame. Blue whales busting through the on-coming seas, spout spray flying asunder, captivated everyone on board.

Around 115 pm it was time to leave our blue whales behind and head towards Santa Barbara. After 20 minutes on this return course Dave spotted two nice adult humpback whales near a nice large pod of at least 500 #dolphins.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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