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Calf Show Continues

2016 04-20 SB Coast

Gray Whale Calf Show Continues

Again we had summer weather with calm seas and bright sunny skies. Captain Dave ran two trips with these pristine conditions and had a boat load of marine mammal sightings. Here is how things shook down today:

9 am Dave ran the kelp line west from the Harbor to Hendry’s and along the way watched three gray whale cow-calf pairs and a single juvenile gray that was moving west with the nursery. The calves did all their tricks including, but not limited to, bubble blasting, rolling, and spy hopping. Six inshore bottlenose dolphins passed us by as we stopped to watch the gray whale show. After a while, Dave took the Condor Express offshore where a single, small humpback whale with 8-minute down times was found.

12 noon At noon a group of hearty sailors got off the big cruise ship and came aboard for an afternoon of whale watching aboard a smaller boat with a nicer galley. Right away we encountered another gray whale cow-calf pair…more rolling, spying, and so forth. Moving offshore Dave located the same humpback whale we saw on the morning trip and gave us great looks.   This sighting was interrupted by a mega-pod of at least 2,000 long-beaked common dolphins. We rounded out the trip with yet another humpback sighting and this one was a regular tail fluker.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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