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Captain Dave drains a ton of Humpback Whales and more

2015 06-28 SB Channel

Winds outside precluded the south side of the Santa Barbara Channel, but the north half was quite doable.   There was only a slight breeze in our neck of the water, with a short interval bump from the strong winds blowing far to the west. The excursion today focused on a hot region west of the oil rigs and between 5 and 10 miles offshore. To say there was tons of action would be an understatement.

Long-beaked common dolphins were found all day long and were especially numerous on the hot spots. Dave estimated at least 3,000 #dolphins watched. He drove the boat slowly from hot spot to hot spot and many great humpback whale behaviors were seen along the route.   There were random episodes of unpredictable breaching, tail throwing, pectoral slapping and some very nice close passes by the Condor Express as the #whale moved from one banquet to another.   A mother humpback and her calf were also present.   In total, we watched at least 18 different humpback whales throughout the region.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. This is the summertime peak whale period….come on out! Bob Perry Condor Express

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