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Condor Express Unique “Whale Check” Program

It is not often that we post comment cards on the captains blog, but we thought we would share this one with our followers. We recently received the following review after an island whale watching trip:

“I used a “Whale Check” today as I was “skunked” on a previous trip. This sold me on the Condor Express. No one has EVER offered me a repeat trip. Today’s trip was AMAZING. Better than I ever could have imagined! I will be back Whale Watching with you again and again in the future. The crew is awesome & communication was excellent! Thank You!” Dated 7/14/13

I am so glad that you were able to come out with us again and have the opportunity to see these AMAZING animals up close and personal. It truly is an awesome experience. The Condor Express is the only whale watching boat that we know of to offer Whale Checks. A Whale Check is our guarantee and commitment to you, our customer. It is simple, if you come out on a trip with us and we are unable to see any whales, you will get to come back within 12 months for free to have another opportunity to see them. We are that confident in our boat and crew, that we have the skill, knowledge, speed, and the ability to get you to the animals. And while the Condor does not issue many Whale Checks throughout the year, when we do it is because we never want a patron to walk away without the chance to see these amazing creatures. They are animals and while we are confident we can find them, they sometimes have their own way of doing things, and yes we sometimes get “skunked”. But thanks for trusting us enough to come out with us again, and we are glad we did not disappoint!

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