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Cool, cloudy and loads of fun with seven gray whales

Gray whales continue to put on a show

February 2, 1023

Whale and Wildlife Count: 7 gray whales (3 with good looks) 1,000 common dolphins 1 minke whale (1 surfacing only)

Seven gray whales spotted today in the Santa Barbara Channel easily showing what the Condor Express has the best whale watching in the LA area. The show began with a large predatory Osprey in Santa Barbara Harbor. It was perched on a mast top, but was quickly given to flight under pressure from a pesky crow. This afforded great looks at a beautiful raptor. You can see the photos on our photo website. The Channel started out windy and a little tad choppy, but after noon it laid down and was quite calm. Call (805) 882-0088 for reservations and information or visit

best Bob Perry Condor Express

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