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Deep Water Pelagic Trip 7/23/11


Yesterday the Condor Express ran one its 14-hour deep water pelagic bird trips co-sponsored by LA Audubon.  We were blessed with extremely calm seas which made the circuitous trip out to the San Juan Seamount (100 miles out from Santa Barbara) both pleasant and productive.  The most productive spot was along the 100 fm curve west of Richardson Rock.   I'll post up the images of the day to no later than Monday afternoon.

5 Humpbacks (surface lunge feeding) 2 Blues (also feeding on surface) 8 Fin Whales 1 Sei Whale (ID still pending review – a few fleeting looks) 100+ Risso's Dolphins (covering many acres along north face of San Miguel) 30 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins (in 3 groups) 260 Short Beaked Common Dolphins (several groups, one mixed with Lags) 50 Long Beaked Common Dolphins (mostly in the Channel) 11 Dall's Porpoise 2 Northern Fur Seals 12 Guadalupe Fur Seals 2 Elephant Seals several large Mola mola

highlights of the bird sightings: Red Billed Tropic Bird Laysan's Albatross Manx Shearwater

and numerous great looks at Fulmars Black Footed Albatross S. Polar Skua Leach's Storm Petrel Black Storm Petrel Pink Footed, Black Vented and Sooty Shearwaters Xantus's Cassin's Pigeon Guillemots

very curious sightings: hundreds of very young Heermann's Gulls 100 miles offshore !

best fishes and have a WHALE of a day Bob Perry Condor Express

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