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Dolphins and a humpback whale.

2021 12-05 SB Channel

Captain Devin and his crew found good conditions in the Channel with clear, hazy skies and calm seas. Sightings included: 1 humpback whale and 300 long -beaked common dolphins. The crew also removed 3 more deflated balloons from the ocean surface which potentially saved marine animal’s lives.

A small herd of dolphins was watched for a short while about 4 miles off The Mesa at the start of the trip. Devin moved up the coast and angled out to a spot 8 miles off UCSB. Here a few hundred dolphins were active and a single sub-adult humpback was located. The beast was heading east (sorry about the rhyme). It was a long-winded whale but it gave some nice tail fluke looks as Devin somehow managed to stay with it.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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