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EXTREMELY friendly humpback whales

Captain Dave got this iPhone pic of a friendly humpback that kept doing a “head stand.”

EXTREMELY friendly humpback whales

Out to the west of Santa Barbara Harbor we first found a herd of 1,500 or so common dolphins that rode along and played in front of their fans.  A bit further offshore the first 2 of at least 6 total humpback whales were found.  These two would not leave the Condor Express alone for over an hour.  One of them (see photo above) insisted on doing a “head stand” with its enormous tail flukes in the air….right next to the boat….repeatedly !  Wow.  After the 1-hour showtime with the 2 friendlies, more humpbacks were seen in the vicinity, and each of the 4+ were successfully watched as they gave us great looks.  All the action was on the north side of the Channel today as things were a bit windy out by the islands.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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