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Fantastic Day but where is Shorty?

Fantastic Day but where is Shorty?

Captain Dave and his crew ran into the eastern Santa Barbara Channel under sunny skies, calm seas with clear water all around.   Among the 6+ humpbacks we watched were Top Notch and, later, Scarlet.  Scarlet did her now famous sideways, open mouth swim/feed behavior again today.   And,  yes it was only Scarlet today; her calf Shorty (who was with her as recently as yesterday) was no where to be seen.  Has something bad happened to Shorty?  Has this juvenile finally separated from its mother?  Did it get lost in the night?  Time will tell, so keep your eyes open. There was one nice Minke #whale sighting, and at least 800 long beaked common dolphins all around.  After a nice visit to the east end of Santa Cruz Island we were on our way home and encountered a decent sized pod of Risso’s dolphins in the mid-Channel area.  It was another epic Fall wildlife adventure.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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