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Five different species of cetaceans on a really nice day

2015 03-30 SB Coast

Captain Dave ran two trips today, a morning adventure and an early afternoon expedition. The day started out with some low overcast but it broke up and became another nice summer-like day very quickly.

The morning adventure featured 3 different species of dolphins and our second gray whale mother and calf of the year. The first #dolphins were bottlenose and were found just off the Wharf. A short run to the west brought at least 200 long-beaked common dolphins, and farther to the west, near Ellwood, we ran along with about 50 Pacific white-sided dolphins. While enjoying the lags near Ellwood we watched a mother and calf gray whale pair. What a special treat and an early sign that the rest of the cow-calf pairs are on their way through the Santa Barbara Channel very soon now.

The early afternoon expedition steered west to find a pair of juvenile gray whales.   The pair spent a lot of quality time on the surface giving everyone on the Condor Express great looks.   Just outside (south) of the #whales we found another couple of hundred long-beaked commons, and just beyond that we ended the trip with a nice interaction with a single humpback whale. The whale was friendly, and kicked up its rather “bent” tail flukes on every dive. Five minute bottom times made this humpback whale easy to watch.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry CondorExpress

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