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Fun with Killer Whales and MORE !!

The tall dorsal fin of a big male Orcinus orca. photo: Capt Eric Condor Express

Fun with Killer Whales and MORE !!

It was a foggy crossing across the Santa Barbara Channel today, but it lifted and became sunny near the commercial shipping lanes.  As the Condor Express broke out of the fog, we found ourselves right up close to a group of  5 Killer whales (that soon became 7 when 2 more joined the fun).  There were bits of left over flesh here and there in the water, and the black and white animals were playing with them, but there was no blood and no discernible way to identify what they had for lunch.  There were at least 2 males and one very small calf.  One of the males may be the same animal we saw 2 weeks ago and has a notch in its tall dorsal.  The animals played alongside the boat, breached multiple times. swam under the boat, and generally made the day a very special one for cetacean lovers.

Later in the trip we also watched 4 gray whales and 50 common dolphins.

We are off tomorrow, Tuesday, for maintenance, but are open for whale watching the rest of the week.

You definitely never know what Mother Nature has in store! Bob Perry Condor Express

PS  Thanks to Capt Eric for his iPhone pic!

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