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Giant fin whale, giant blue whale and lots of offshore bottlenose dolphins

2018 05-30 SB Channel

Again the Condor Express experienced ideal wildlife watching conditions in the Santa Barbara Channel with oily glass seas and a high stratus layer.  Magnificent sightings were had including:  1 giant fin whale, 1 giant blue whale and 50 offshore bottlenose dolphins.

The giant fin whale was our first major sighting as we had not yet crossed The Lanes north of Chinese Harbor.  It had short down times and, once again, the clear blue water gave us great underwater looks and one could even see the characteristic white belly and patch behind the pectoral fin. The fin whale made one very friendly approach to amaze its fans on the boat.

Soon after the fin encounter a large group of highly animated offshore bottlenose dolphins located the Condor Express.  We spent a bit of time enjoying their antics and their company.

The final sighting came after crossing to a position south of The Lanes where a single giant blue whale was spotted.  It had long surface intervals and did just a little bit of tail fluking to keep everyone watching and wanting more.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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