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Glassy Seas and Tons of Cetaceans

Glassy Seas and Tons of Cetaceans

There was a lot of bait in the water a few miles out of Santa Barbara Harbor.  Sea conditions were mirror glass under a marine layer with no ground level fog today.  The bait attracted thousands of common dolphins, seabirds, sea lions and some very hungry humpback whales.  After this initial sighting we pressed southward to Santa Cruz Island where more feeding activity was observed.  In total we closely watched 8 humpback #whales today, but there were many more spouts in the area out by “Sacred Cross Island.”   As was found near shore, the island feeding also attracted numerous common #dolphins, making the total estimate for the day at least 2,500.  The humpbacks showed a lot of tail fluking and several friendly approaches to the Condor Express were enjoyed by all the humans on board.  It is supposed to be another very calm day tomorrow but NOTE:  we depart the docks at 8am and return at 1230pm, which is a special early scheduled departure.  C’mon out and I’ll be there to greet you tomorrow.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.. Bob Perry Condor Express

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