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Gray whales and dolphins

2015 12-19 SB Channel

The rain came swooping in from the northwest towards the end of the trip today, otherwise it did start out sunny and nice. Sea conditions were good. The whales were going to be wet anyway, so off we went, Captain Eric at the helm. Before long we were down east in the Hillhouse area and located 3 gray whales.   It was an adult and two juveniles.   We had great looks.

Next, Captain Eric ran across the Santa Barbara Channel to the east end of Santa Cruz Island and looked around for more whales as far as Scorpion Anchorage without luck. He did give everyone a nice tour of the east end of the island which was nice.

On the way home we were joined by a small pod of about 15 long-beaked common dolphins.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

¤ Don’t forget we run every day between Christmas and New Year’s week end if it doesn’t get too stormy.

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