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Grays and Lags: partytime

Gray Whale Lovers,

Here is the whale count summary for today, Thursday, March 29:   

12noon Trip 2 amazing Gray Whales 50 Pacific White-sided Dolphins

Upon sighting the 2 Gray Whales on the surface, it was obvious there was some hanky-panky going on.  Our guests today witnessed an abundance of rolling-around and other surface behaviors.  Then, out of the depths, a nice herd of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins (often called “Lags” after their scientific name, Lagenorhynchus obliquidens), appeared and joined in the Gray Whale fun.  The party lasted over an hour and was a thoroughly wild and crazy enterprise.  The northbound Gray Whales have been more abundant than ever before, and if you have not been on board to see this for yourself, c'mon down !

Call 888-77WHALE or 805-882-0088 to book your trip.

Visit our website: ..or to view images from our previous trips: Like us on Facebook,

In addition to the expert crew on the Condor Express with over 35 years of experience, Channel Islands Naturalist Corps volunteer naturalists, representatives from the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and National Park, are usually on board and available to answer your questions during the trip.

Best fishes and have a WHALE of a day!

Bob Perry Condor Express

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