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Grays aplenty, including much “socialization,” a humpback and dolphins too.

2020 03-11 SB Coast

All of the action took place within a 3 mile radius of Santa Barbara Harbor. This was all from one, noon departure, unbelievable excursion and included: 7 gray whales (see additional info below), 1 humpback whale and 400 long-beaked common dolphins.

Today’s epic adventure began with a bang. Just off Mesa Lane, and a few miles out to sea, we watched 3 adult gray whales engaged in very active socializing and mating. We’ll just use the code name “Pink Floyd” to protect the innocent, as this is a family-friendly whale report. Things went on for over an hour with lots of rolling and tumbling and utter disregard for the nearby boat full of whale lovers. (NOTE: our crew photo/video person, Adam, captured this event. Watch for his online post coming soon) Part of a long, spread-out herd of common dolphins also came through the area, appearing a bit intrigued, but did not deter the gray whale activities.

We took a southeasterly path that took us offshore from the Yacht Club where we soon found 3 more whales. Everyone had great looks, but these whales were not engaged in overt, surface social behavior. Another gray was found not long after this trio…and was demonstrating a unique breathing strategy. The whale lifted its mighty head out of the water on every breath! (Maybe it wanted to do a little sight-seeing as it spouted?)

A mile further out a single, juvenile humpback was watched along with more of that same, stretched-out herd of dolphins I mentioned earlier.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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