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Great abundance and diversity today !!

Nature Lovers,

Light seas, sunny skies, and this is what we closely followed:

10 Blue whales – including a nice tail fluke (many other spouts seen in the distance) 11 Humpback whales – including at least one cow-calf pair, a tail-throw, and distant breaches 100 Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins 15 Dall's Porpoise 15 Risso's Dolphins

It is summer time and there are lots of sights to see in our magnificent Santa Barbara Channel.  C'mon out and get some fresh air and let the wide horizons and magnificent vistas relax your mind and spirit.  Toss in some pelagic birds and mammals and you have got yourself an natural adventure unparalleled anywhere else in the world.   Right on ! Call 888-77WHALE or 805-882-0088 to book your trip. Visit our NEW website: …or to view images from yesterday and previous trips: In addition to the expert crew on the Condor Express with over 35 years of experience, Channel Islands Naturalist Corps volunteer naturalists, representatives from the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and National Park, are usually on board and available to answer your questions during the trip.  Best fishes and have a WHALE of a day! Bob Perry Condor Express

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