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HOT weather and very HOT sightings today

HOT weather and very HOT sightings today

We are in the midst of an intense heat wave and record-breaking whale sightings at the same time.  So it was with mill pond flat and glassy waters, air temperatures in the 90F+ range, and water with extreme blue clarity, that the Condor Express encountered an abundance of cetaceans today.  A total of 3 giant blue whales (more in the distance), 10 humpback whales (more in the distance), a mother-calf pair of mid-Channel northbound gray whales (11 miles offshore), and at least 1,500 long beaked common dolphins were watched closely today.  The blues and humpbacks were feeding on krill (as judged by their bright red scats) and several humpbacks were observed surface lunge feeding on these euphausiid shrimps.  Other humpbacks were friendly and two decided to “fall asleep” or log right next to the boat with unusually clear visibility.  A blue whale surface slowly next to the boat as if to say “Hi,” and the whole entire blue body could be seen in the crystal water.  This is epic stuff and all the humans exited the boat at the end of the day on cloud nine.  Back in downtown SB air temps were nearing the century mark….it is supposed to be ever so slightly cooler tomorrow.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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