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Humpbacks, Common Dolphins and a Blue Whale

2015 09-06 SB Channel

Captain Eric is in command for this Labor Day holiday weekend, and today he left the harbor under sunny skies and only a small swell. Although he set a course for the west, it was not long before there was a nice encounter with 50 long-beaked common dolphins in crystal Santa Barbara cobalt clear water.

Continuing on his course, about 7 miles offshore the first 2 of 8 total humpback whales were observed. They had 12 minute down times but came up to the surface very close to the Condor Express a few times. Again, the blue water enhanced the underwater views.

Moving on out to The Lanes, here there were 6 more humpback whales, again with long down times, but 2 of the swam under the boat and left a distinct bubble trail in the cobalt clear ocean.   Very nice and a bit unusual as well.

Continuing on a bit parallel to Santa Cruz Island, Eric and the crew located a single and very friendly blue whale. This beast came close to the boat on several occasions.

On the way home, we encountered the same group of humpback whales again, but this time one of them breached 14 times, some within 150 yards of the boat. It slapped its pectorals and did a bit of kelping too.

So in the end we had humpbacks, common dolphins and a blue whale today.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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