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Lots of Humpbacks including our friend Rope.

Humpbacks galore a few miles off UCSB, then a great visit to Santa Cruz Island. (today’s ship track)

Lots of Humpbacks including our friend Rope.

A great day on the Santa Barbara Channel with excellent sea conditions and some sun with haze.  We closely watched 9 humpback whales a few miles off the coast, many were south of the UCSB campus.   In the humpback mix today was our old friend “Rope.”  There was also a new mother-calf pair that we did not recognize, and the calf ran amok.  The little guy breached a few times, did some interesting chin slaps, and both mom and her calf fluked up quite a bit.  After a great interaction with these coastal humpback whales, we pushed south to Santa Cruz Island and a visit to the world famous Painted Cave.  It was a spectacular trip.  Approximately 1,500 common #dolphins kept us company as we moved around the Channel.

I did check my photos on to make some notes as to what species we had over the past 8 years.  Here is a summary for this time of year:

2005 – humpbacks 2006 – blues, humpbacks, risso’s 2007 – humpbacks 2008 – otters 2009 – blues, humpbacks 2010 – krill, surface feeding humpbacks 2011 – humpbacks and white siders 2012 – krill, humpbacks, blues surface feeding 2013 – humpbacks, a few blues 2014 – humpbacks, lots of humpback calves, a few blues

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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