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Lunge Feeding Humpback

Lunge Feeding Humpback

We ran two trips today, 12 noon and 3 pm.  Sea conditions were fantastic:  clear blue water, no chop, no wind, and bright sun.  Essentially both trips were identical and sightings were off the charts both times.  We ran to the east where there had been reports of large seabird aggregations diving and feeding on huge balls of northern anchovies.  In actuality the area was full of at least 1,000 common dolphins (perhaps half that many in the afternoon) and sea lions all feeding with the seabirds on the bait balls.  In the middle of all this action, you guessed it, there was a gluttonous humpback whale that continued to lunge feed on the surface throughout both trips.  One caveat:  on the afternoon excursion this humpback got airborne with a fantastic full body breach.  Again we witnessed the rivers of living fish being corralled by predators, all clearly visible in the crystal blue and calm waters.  This is epic stuff for sure.

All three trips are running tomorrow, Saturday (9 am; 12 noon; 3 pm). Hope to see you on board…because… You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

best regards Bob Perry Condor Express

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