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Many humpbacks and Dave rescues a kitty.

Dave rescues an environmentally harmful “Hello Kitty” mylar balloon offshore today.

Many humpbacks and Dave rescues a kitty.

Again the Condor Express ran east to the Flats and found many hot spots, dolphins and whales. Captain Mat steered a course out of the harbor for the western Ventura coast, east of Platform Hogan. Although the outer Flats showed less bird and dolphin masses today, nearer to shore there were at least 5 humpback whales in the area, and two were watched closely. Both whales were intent on feeding below the surface and circling around the area. At one point a humpback threw its tail a few times and got everyone’s attention.

Perhaps our good luck today was due to Johnny who brought his furry creature intruments, or perhaps it was Mat and Dave who rescued the Kitty. In the pristine blue waters Mat spotted a disintegrating mylar, “Hello Kitty” balloon floating on the surface. Dave demonstrated his speed and agility with a small gaff and removed this environmental hazard from the ocean and gave it a proper burial in the on board trash can. Another piece of good luck was the juvenile brown pelican that landed on the sun deck hand rail and perched there for a few photographs before returning to the hunt.

The bird watching community has been reporting large masses of shearwaters, and today they were widely distributed all over the area from Santa Barbara down to western Ventura (and probably beyond, but that’s as far as we went today). One especially large group of sooty shearwaters had to include at least 5,000 birds, some flying around and other sitting on the water.

It is a bad time to be an anchovy.

I’ll post up the photos tomorrow

best regards Bob Perry Condor Express Odd Jobs

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