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Mirror glass and humpback whales mother lode

A humpback whale throws its tail with fog in the background.

Captain Mat went west. Along the way we had practically non stop common dolphins, and two nice humpback whales. One of them was that big fatty, “Rope,” our perennial favorite and ship’s mascot. Onward Mat pushed the Condor Express further to the northwestern reaches of the Channel. Near Platform Hondo we ran into the mother lode in very blue, clear water. Thousands of common dolphins, sea birds, and at least a dozen whales that were near the boat and for whom we had great looks. Many more spouts were seen in the distance…especially further to the west. It seemed that all these humpback whales were fluking up and feeding sub-surface today. Many of the dolphins must have been pretty full of anchovies because they took the time to slowly swim around the boat and were a bit frisky dolphin to dolphin. One humpback breached twice far off in the distance, and another whale lobbed its tail at least 10 times, between 1/4th and 1/2 mile away….well within visual range. Several of the common dolphins were high flyers, mostly too far away to photograph but fun to see none the less. This was the most massive, dense region of cetacean biomass we’ve had all week.

I’ll post the photos sometime tomorrow.

see you on board.. Bob Perry Condor Express

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