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Monday July 12 – Whale and Dolphin Report

Greetings ocean lovers,

It was a magnificent, sunny day out in the Santa Barbara Channel today, Monday July 12.  The largest animals that ever lived on the planet, the Blue Whales, are now showing up in great numbers.  Today we had the great fortune to observe: 8 Blue Whales 100 Common Dolphins 1,000 California Sea Lions 1 Pacific Harbor Seal But that's not the whole story.  For the first hour or so on the whale grounds northwest of Santa Cruz Island, the main food supply of the giant Blue Whale, krill, were all over the surface.  Today's passengers witnessed repeated surface lunge feeding by these wonderful leviathans.  The calm seas are expected to continue and so are the great whale and dolphin sightings.

You can always direct interested persons to our photographic site for the daily images: There is still room aboard tomorrow's trip.  We depart 7 days a week at 10am and return to the Sea Landing in Santa Barbara Harbor around 230pm.  Call 1-877-WHALE for reservations.

Best Fishes and have a WHALE of a day! – Hide quoted text – Bob Perry Staff Phototgrapher Condor Express

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