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More Interesting Minke Whale Behavior + More

More Interesting Minke Whale Behavior + More

Our week of interesting interactions with Minke whales continued again today.  Two of the three Minke whales we watched approached the boat multiple times and gave great looks.  One of the #whales actually came up close alongside the Condor Express and slowly dove while rolling over on its back.  All this was spectacularly visible due to the clear blue water we’ve been experiencing.  Wow!  Sea conditions remained flat calm and perfect for spout watching until 2 pm when a fresh breeze began to waft through the northern Santa Barbara Channel.  Out of the 2,500 or more long beaked common dolphins we watched today, most were segregated into small pods of 100 or so individuals.  One pod towards mid-Channel, was a megapod nursery pod with countless little calves and many of the young ‘uns were yellow-brownish and very very tiny.  It must have been a fine day to be a juvenile and traverse the Channel next to mom.

Three humpback whales were also closely observed.  One was a small adult with a gray tail coloration.  The other two were “Top Notch” and “Lucky.”   TN and Lucky approached the boat a few times and, of course, TN continued its pattern of short dive times and regular fluking up.

Hope to see you on board tomorrow. You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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