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Multiple Species Interact off the West End

Multiple species interact off the west end

There were two groups of two gray whales (total = 4) out off the west end of Santa Cruz Island today.  After a smooth crossing we encountered two very watchable gray whales and enjoyed their companionship for quite a while as they led us down the face of Sta Cruz to the Cave.  As you might guess, our next venue was a trip into the gaping mouth of the world famous Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island…always a popular and special sight.  On our way out of the Cave we ran west and quickly located 2 more gray whales, and these two were interacting, rolling, flipper slapping, swimming upside down and so forth with Risso’s dolphins and California sea lions.  It was a real species interaction event.  The Risso’s dolphins numbered about 75 animals and there were lots of sea lions as always.  It should be mentioned that there were more gray whale spouts seen in the area, but we did not have enough time do see every one of them.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store Bob Perry Condor Express

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