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Nine gray whales – things are heating up !

2016 02-24 SB Channel

Nine gray whales – things are heating up !

Captain Dave along with his extra eyes, Eric, quickly put the Condor Express within good visual range of three (of nine total for the day) northbound migrating gray whales just a few minutes outside Santa Barbara Harbor. This trio of gray whales had long down times but when they surfaced, they looked spectacular given the hot sunny day and blue water conditions.

About 40 minutes later, don’t ask me how, the sharp-eyed crew spotted another gray whale that did not spout at all. It was a small whale, perhaps a yearling. It traveled just beneath the surface and took breaths doing what we call “snorkeling.”  The good news was that it was very easy to see and follow this whale at a safe distance. Oh, and it was going south…perhaps a bit late for the party.

A half-hour later we found a single, very shy, northbound gray whale. Soon thereafter the crew spotted another trio of gray whales northbound and spouting regularly and often together on the surface.   Finally, we did encounter our #9 gray whale just a quarter-mile or so outside the Harbor on our way home.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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