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Offshore bottlenose, commons, humpbacks and a mystery whale.

2019 06-13 SB Channel

Captain Dave reports a fresh breeze, light chop and a trip that started with a high marine layer and ended up sunny. Sightings were fantastic and included 7+ humpback whales, 30 offshore bottlenose dolphins, 800 long-beaked common dolphins, and one “mystery whale.”

On the southbound leg of the adventure, as we aimed towards the middle of Santa Cruz Island, there were four sighting zones. About 5 miles out from Santa Barbara Harbor a single humpback and a couple hundred common dolphins were watched. Two miles further along another whale and common dolphin group came into view. Further still we found a mother humpback with a calf, and a smaller cluster of common dolphins. (At this point Dave noted several breaching whales in the far distance – not included in our totals). Finally, as the sun broke out of the gloom, 2 large adult humpbacks were watched.

As we prepared to reverse course and head for the harbor, a very tall spout was seen about ½ mile away. Was it a blue whale? a fin whale? another large whale? Dave and the crew maintained a close watch but never did see this mystery whale again. Now THAT doesn’t happen very often!

Back on track for home we were soon greeted and mesmerized by a large herd of offshore bottlenose dolphins. These large dolphins were exceedingly boat friendly today and (per usual) a few took to the air to celebrate the encounter.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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