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One of the 7 humpback whales was a breaching machine

2015 10-25 SB Channel

Clear warm water (71.6°F), no wind, small seas and it was a wonderful day for Captain Eric and his crew to locate cetaceans today. A total of 7 humpback whales and 800 long-beaked common dolphins were watched today, with the main activity being just about mid-Santa Barbara Channel. The second whale was located because it had been breaching repeatedly. Upon arriving on the scene, this whale was down for about 10 minute, but when it surface the fun and games resumed. The Condor Express whale fans ended up spending an hour watching this one humpback as it breached within a few feet of the boat several dozen times, it slapped its long pectoral fins, rolled around, chin-slapped, tail-threw, and worked both sides of the boat as an equal opportunity cetacean.

Captain Eric called it one of the most amazing single whale encounters he has ever seen.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

Our next whale watch will be Wednesday, October

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