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Our friend “Scarlet” puts on a show

2017 08-15 SB Channel

Skies were clear and sunny and a light breeze picked up every so often which made for an ideal day on the Santa Barbara Channel.  Sightings for the day included:  8* humpback whales and 900 long-beaked common dolphins.  Captain Dave took the Condor Express into the mouth of the world-famous Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island as a bonus.

Southwest of Santa Barbara Harbor, a mother humpback and her calf located the Condor Express.  The calf has been seen several times and has a distinctive white tail and a matching set of long white pectoral flippers.   Dolphins were all around the boat at the same time.

Continuing to the southwest, a single whale was watched near the Mid-Channel NOAA Buoy (aka, “East” channel buoy).  A bit further and into The Lanes four additional whales were encountered.  *Additional whale spouts were seen in the area.

As Dave headed home from the Island, a whale was seen breaching repeatedly about 3 miles ahead.  This turned out to be our friend “Scarlet,” a whale that regular readers of this report will recognize. [See crew photos above]  Scarlet continued to breach, sometimes close to the boat.  She spy-hopped, slapped her mighty tail and pectoral fins, turned upside down and, most uniquely, gave off a large bubble stream path on one of her very shallow dives beneath our twin hulls.  Wow!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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