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Our pal “Rope” again steals the show

Rope is a large female humpback whale with a circumferential entanglement scar from at least 10 years back. photo: Bob Perry Condor Express Photos

Our pal “Rope” again steals the show

Conditions were again flat calm, glassy with bright hot sun.  There were at least 6 humpback whales on the eastern grounds and we closely watched 3 of them.  The show-stopper was our old pal “Rope”  who completely mugged the Condor Express, showed her amazing lung capacity with giant bubble-spouts, and then threw her tail around and made a big fuss.  Her associate was a smaller humpback with kind of a hitch in the back.  The bait was down below the surface again today so no common dolphins.   The sea lions love it and were again very abundant.

All 3 trips are scheduled for tomorrow and I hope to see you on board.

Remember:  go to the bow and when the whales come closeturn around, look up and wave at the camera.

Bob PerryCondor Express

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