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Pelagic Trip – Sat Sept 17

Message from the senior leader for the trip: ===============================


I am happy to announce a special pelagic trip on the Condor Express for September 17th, done in conjunction with Condor Cruises and the Island Naturalists Corps.

This 8 hour trip will depart at 8:00AM (meet at 7:30). The cost for this trip is a very reasonable $90.

Mid-September is right about the peak of seabird species diversity off Southern CA, and we can expect a wide variety of fall migrants and resident seabirds.

Our plan will be to work south of the Santa Barbara Channel to find the warm water edges along the Santa Cruz basin. Storm-petrels often raft in these areas and this is the best place to look for Least Storm-Petrels in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. This area can also host large rafts of Pink-footed Shearwaters, and is the perfect area to look for rarer shearwaters such as Flesh-footed. Rarities in this area at this time of year have included Streaked Shearwater, Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel, and Blue-footed and Brown Boobies as well as Red-billed Tropicbird. None of these can be expected, but it is great time of year to check this area.

Ashy, Black, and perhaps Leach's Storm-Petrels can be found, plus we have a good chance at all the Jaegers and Skua, plus an array of alcids and other pelagic species.

We will be planning to spend time in both Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, so this should be a good trip to do some county listing.

The Condor Express is a great boat with a full galley, ample seating and deck space and is a stable platform for viewing and photographing birds. The crew is world class.

This should be a great trip for both experienced pelagic birders, as well as those who have never been on a pelagic. The boat will be well equipped with a cadre of our usual leaders, who will be pointing out the birds and helping participants make the most of their day.

Call the Sea Landing at 888-77Whale to reserve your spot today. I hope to see you on the 17th.

Todd McGrath SKUA@MSN.COM Calabasas CA

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