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Sightings from the Condor Express – Sat Sept 25

Nature Lovers,

A gorgeous summer/fall day on the Channel…great conditions for sighting mammals.  Today we worked over the mid-Channel region and had huge success!

…and this is what the Condor Expressly watched today: 1000+ Common Dolphins 500 California Sea Lions  2 Humpback Whales Now for the “real” story:

The ocean was mirror glass and never had more than 5 knots of gentle breeze all day.  Bright sun made it ideal for the sharp eyes of our crew to spot the tall spouts of our mighty whales.  Lo and behold, we found two Humpback whales, and the larger one (the female) turned out to be our old friend who we nicknamed “Rope” because many years ago she was entangled in fishing gear.  She broke free and over the years has been seen with young calves (so we're pretty sure she's a “she”) and has a prominent scar from the rope.  Well to get to the point, after a few breathing cycles and slowly swimming west, Rope and her partner came over and visited the boat, what we call a “friendly, close approach…or a mugging,” for nearly an hour.  The pair were in front, in back, on the left, on the right and passed right under the boat numerous times.  Wow!  What an experience.  This behavior is not something we expect to see during the late summer and early fall, but the truth is that with Humpbacks, you just never know.

If the conditions hold, tomorrow should be equally stunning on the Channel.  You never know on a day to day basis what mother nature has in store.  But it is always an amazing day full of sea creatures and adventures on the high seas when the Condor Express leaves the dock every day at 10am regularly.   Sign up now and tell your friends.  Call 1-888-77WHALE or 805-882-0088 to get your name on the list before all the spots fill up. Photographs from this trip and most weekend and holiday trips are available online at Best fishes and have a WHALE of a day ! Bob Perry Condor Express

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