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Simultaneous humpback whale breaching in southern California

Simultaneous humpback whale breaching in southern California. That’s right. Captain Dave took the Condor Express down to the northeast again today in semi-foggy conditions and found that same wonderful mother humpback whale with her calf again. This time, as the boat made a slow and careful approach to keep a safe distance for viewing, the two whales, mom and calf, began a series of simultaneous, synchronous breaching. This double breaching repeated itself over quite a period of time, and everyone on board had a jaw-dropping magical experience. Wow. This is the kind of behavior you only hear about on a rare occasion.

On the route to the mom and calf acrobatics, Dave reports observing as many as 4 or 5 Minke whales in the area, and everyone got great looks at these slinky baleen whales too. Add to this adventure approximately 700 or so common dolphins, and you get the idea of what you and I missed out there today.

See you on board tomorrow!

Best regards Bob Perry “Bad Luck Bob” the Photographer 🙂

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