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Surface Feeding

2016 05-15 SB Channel – East

Captain Eric took the Condor Express to the east and along the north-central region of the Flats.  Seas were calm and the forecast winds never materialized, at least along the coast.  The following total numbers and species were recorded:  Minke Whale = 1; humpback whales = 8; long-beaked common dolphins = 250; gray whales = 2.  Here are the details:

As we embarked on our eastern adventure, 150 dolphins and 2 gray whales were seen just off the Coral Casino.  Naturally, the grays consisted of a mother with her calf.   12 miles east of Hogan and well into the Flats, another 100 or so dolphins and 3 hungry humpback whales were encountered.  There was surface-feeding observed here by dolphins and whales alike as the long-awaited northern anchovy bait balls were on the surface today.  At one point Eric was on top of a bait ball and showing the little fishes to the whale-watchers when a humpback did a surface lunge right next to the Condor and gave a close up demonstration of how to wipe out a school of bait with one gulp.

Later we moved an additional 3 miles further to the southeast and found one lone and pretty shy Minke whale and an additional 5 surface lunge-feeding humpback whales.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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