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The whales and dolphins are abundant

2017 03-26 SB Coast

The chronicles recording the adventures of the Condor Express continued today with sightings of 7 northbound gray whales and at least 200 long-beaked common dolphins.  The marine for weather and sea conditions was not particularly great, but Captain Eric reports that the wind and swells stayed well offshore.  Luckily, the whales and dolphins are abundant inshore this time of year.  Two trips left the SEA Landing docks in Santa Barbara.

9am Around the corner from the harbor entrance a pair of gray whales was quickly joined by a third to form a trio just off Hendry’s Beach.  The group was steady in its course and direction, heading northbound without much circling or other deviations from the path.  A couple hundred dolphins in a tight and fast formation came speeding by the boat, and Eric turned to run alongside them.  What fun it was moving along on a moderately fast pace with these agile cetaceans.  Back on the whale quest we eventually caught up with the same trio of whales up at More Mesa before heading home.

12n The crew spotted a 1 square mile area of feeding birds including lots of crashing pelicans near the Anchorage.  Hoping for feeding dolphins, Captain Eric explored the area only to find lots of anchovies (and birds), so he ran up the coast and continued looking for cetaceans large and small.  A nice pair of gray whales was discovered and followed from Shoreline Park to Hope Ranch.  A second pair was found on the way home after a survey of the 50-fathom curve.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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